Experience Marketing with Austin FC

Profile photo of Raquel Garcia

Having spent 7 years in New York after graduation from UT, Raquel Garcia moved back to Austin in 2008 and 12 years later joined Austin FC to help soccer become part of a vibrant Austin community.

Raquel shares that the mission of the club is:

  • build a brand that represents the city and represents it well;
  • create America’s next great soccer community;
  • build the future soccer players in the league and around the world;

“We are not just bringing soccer to Austin, we are bringing Austin to soccer.”

Austin FC started during COVID, with no stadium, players, and team, but they were intended to come together and build community. These pillars paved Austin FC’s way from an unknown company to a renowned club with Matthew McCounaghey as one of investing partners:

  1. Mobilize the community.
  2. Impact deep and wide.
  3. Show Austin.
  4. Exceed traditions.

With Austin FC, you don’t simply come to watch the match. You come to experience Austin and all the numerous reasons people love this city for. From bringing creative artists to every single match to collaborating with Austin Pets Alive!, Austin FC is becoming an integral part not just of the city sports experience, but of the city in general. If you haven’t visited the match yet, we highly encourage you to watch these short videos. Feel the vibes and buy the very first tickets available!

As always, our inspiring speakers are willing to give advice to young and ambitious students. Here are some of the insights Raquel Garcia has shared with us on Tuesday:

  1. Be flexible in your career. You pivot, you find something else, and ultimately you find your passion.
  2. The quicker you learn and become a sponge, the faster you’ll get to work where you really want to belong.
  3. You are your own brand. Think about who you want to show up to be for yourself, whether that’s online, at work or in a classroom.
  4. Find the balance between a mission and happiness. Take care of yourself while you are chasing your dreams.
  5. Be brave and take a chance on yourself.
  6. Be kind to one another.

Stay safe and see you next week!


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