Video Production with Nimaroh

One of the greatest things about marketing is the versatility of careers you can pursue. From Sales to Advertising, from Social Media Marketing to SEO Optimization, this multidisciplinary field opens so many opportunities to find your way in the industry! Each of our weekly guests proves it with their unique background. Today we will highlight an untypical journey of Blake Takushi, a video creator who in 2018 dropped the University of Texas to pursue a career in creative industry.

First, let’s take a look at Austin-based creative content-house Nimaroh, where Blake now works as a Creative Director and Partner.

Nimaroh is a start-up founded in 2018 by two Iowa-state graduates, Teo Mefalopulos and Manas Chimpidi. They decided to move to Austin and start their own creative business after Mefalopulos had spent a week in the city. After 3 productive years of collaboration with TEDx, CNN, Costa Coffee, Lyft, Sherri Hill, and others, what was originally planned as a design agency has grown into a full-cycle content-house that provides high-quality Production, Design, and Development services.  

Nimaroh’s website

In summer 2021, for instance, Nimaroh’s team produced a series of videos for Caba Villas, a California-based family business that offers private villa vacation rentals in luxurious resorts of Los Cabos, Mexico. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Interesting fact: when in October 2018 Blake joined Nimaroh and dropped out of UT to indulge his passion full-time, it didn’t put an end at all to his connection with the university. When during the lockdown the University of Texas shifted to the virtual classroom, Blake’s former professor, Larry Speck, reached out to Nimaroh seeking a solution to digitalizing his course, Architecture and Society. Blake, who in 2017 took the class himself, shares that they set a goal to create as lively and insightful experience for students at home as the in-person lectures could do.

Well… we believe that even those who haven’t taken Professor Speck’s classes will agree that the teaser speaks for itself!

The first digitalized course received such a great feedback from students and faculty that a single project turned into a continued partnership. Nimaroh team digitalized the rest of Larry Speck’s courses for undergraduate and graduate levels, helping the university prove that even during pandemic, learning can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Now that we got inspired by the power of digital creation tools, let’s put the finishing touches to this story with the four rules Blake shared with Texas AMA’s family last Tuesday!

1. Go above and beyond.

2. Make something out of nothing.

3. Stay persistent.

4. Get better every day.

Stay safe and see you next week!


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