Medical Marketing with Hanger Clinic


This past Monday, two representatives from Hanger Clinic came to give a presentation on the Medical Marketing Industry. Hanger Clinic is the nation’s leading provider of Orthotic and Prosthetic Care. They create custom prosthetics for everyone from children to adults. They have over 800 locations nation wide.

Krista Burket (V.P of PR and Communications)

Krista graduated from Florida State University and got her Bachelors and Masters in Communication studies/Sports Management and Integrated Marketing Communications. From there, she worked multiple jobs and positions such as a Senior Account Executive at Moore Consulting group and an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Florida. She joined Hanger Clinic as a Media Relations Specialist in 2009 and has been with them now for 12 years!

Cristy Simon( Global Director of Hanger Clinic Marketing)

Cristy graduated from UT Austin’s McCombs gaining a Bachelors in Marketing and a Minor in Spanish back in 2003 (Hook ’em Horns!). Since graduating, she has worked for 5 different companies specializing in Healthcare. In 2012, she decided to switch gears and became a Sr. Analyst for American Airlines. After 8 months of working there, she realized that her true passions and interests were in working with Healthcare companies. Since then, she decided to return to the Healthcare Industry in 2013 and has been loving it ever since. She moved over to Hanger this past February and is enjoying the creative liberties and company environment of Hanger Clinic.

PR and Communications at Hanger Clinic (A Listicle):

Marketing Funnel

Awareness → Interest → Consideration → Action

Unique Marketing Traits for Healthcare:

  • Action to seek care 
  • Multiple in person influencers 
  • Shorter funnel due to well defined need 

Media Relations by the Numbers 2020

  • 2500 news stories
  • 8 billion people audience
  • 10.3 million publicity value
  • 40 national media showings 

Hands on Approach to Media Relations

  • Evaluate opportunities
  • Align with larger company goals
  • Anticipate risks and develop a game plan

How Awareness for Brand is Raised

  • 1. Natural and Large Markets
    • Lot more reach with national media
    • Showcases compassionate care
  • 2. Product Launches/ Inventions and Company showcases 
    • Ex. Cranial headpieces for babies
    • Product launches 
  • 3. Trade Magazines
    • Showcases thought leadership and recruiting 
  • 4. Timely Opportunities
    • Events and observances
    • Ex. BAKA (Bilateral Above the Knee) Bootcamp
Cranial Baby Helmets
  • . BAKA (Bilateral Above the Knee) Bootcamp
  • Marketing at Hanger Clinic:

    Customer Funnel

    Voice of Customer→ Strategy→ Positioning and Messaging →Channel Deployment →Build Demand

    Marketing Goals:

    • 1. Build Brand Equity 
    • 2.Change Behaviors of a target audience 

    Elements for a Successful Campaign

    • Value of Customer
    • Analytical Insights 
    • Service Offering
    • Value Proposition
    • Resources
    • Training 
    • Communications Plan

    Marketing Numbers

    • 1mil. new visitors to Hanger Clinic website
    • 17% respond to call to action
    • 2.4 mil views on YouTube
    • 130k blog views

    Programs and Campaigns

    • CARE Network Campaign
      • Branded, targeted and relevant messaging
      • Cranial Asymmetry Remolding Experts
    • Summer Paralympics
      • Hanger Clinic was not an official sponsor of the Olympics so they hired a consultant and figured out a way to showcase their patients in the Paralympics
    CARE Network
    Hanger Clinic Patients @ the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

    Resources for Anyone Interested in Medical Marketing:

    • AMA (btw become a paid member and join Texas AMA ! )
    • PRSA Health Academy 
    • Healthcare Businesswomen Association

    Q and A’s with Hanger Clinic:

    Q: How do you identify a crisis in PR before it happens?

    A: 1. Use social media to try and find if there are angry patients or other people who are getting upset at the company.

    2. Find the local clinic that a patient has a problem with and work with them from there.

    Q: How do you get creative with marketing with over 850 locations?

    A: 1. The biggest challenge is marketing since you need to make sure that you can promise what you can deliver at every location.

         2. Market the same type of branding by segmenting the same marketing campaigns to areas/clinics that provide the same services.

    Q: How do you make campaigns funny and relatable when content can feature sensitive content ?

    A: We try to take a personal approach. We focus on community engagement and being sensitive about what our audience needs. An example of more light hearted content is the unicorn cranial helmets for babies.

    Q: How do you find patient stories to share?

    A: Usually through patient events like Empower fest. There is never a shortage of stories to tell.


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