The AMAze Case Competition was AMAzing

Did you hear about AMAze Case Competition?? In case you missed it, let us tell you a little bit about the competition because it was AMAzing!

This semester’s AMA case competition took place from April 14-17. It was a virtual event that refined and tested your marketing skills in the professional world. It was an opportunity to gain client partnership experience, work closely alongside marketing enthusiasts, and receive workforce-ready experience. 

If that’s not enough to prove how awesome this event was, let’s take a look at which companies AMA partnered with…

  • Ghostery, Thoyen, Guayaki, High Brew Coffee, Nimaroh

Pretty cool right? Each team of 2-4 students were paired with one of these five companies to develop an overall marketing strategy for them. Each company had their own twist on the prompt and gave the teams time to develop a strategy, build a pitch, and finally present their work. 

And the winner is… Thoyen team!! 

Runner up is… Ghostery team

Congrats to both teams for working so hard to create fantastic marketing strategies that can be implemented by the companies themselves. 

Let’s hear from some of our participants about their experience with the AMAze Case Comp: 

Fariha Irfann

  • “It was a really rewarding experience that taught me a lot about what a career in marketing would look like in the real world. It was nice because we were helping an established company; it was not just a hypothetical situation, but instead we could actually create change for that company.”

Jocelyn Calderon

  • “It was my first time but it was surprisingly really fun! I think it really helped reassure me that marketing is the right major for me. One of my favorite moments was just getting to know my team. I think by the end we became pretty good friends even though it was just two days!”

Ishita Ahuja

  • “I loved being able to learn about the kinds of marketing problems companies have and how to create step by step processes for them to use as they grow. It was an honor to have the opportunity to focus on one aspect of business that is so often under looked and be able to connect with everyone- companies, competitors, and hosts!”


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