A Taste of Marketing

When you think of marketing, what do you think of? Some people might first think of Data Analytics and SEO, while others might associate marketing with Content Creation and Ad Campaigns. These answers are so different; so, which might be the right answer? The right answer is that there is no right answer! Marketing is a versatile major that includes many opportunities that fit for all types of people. Take a look at these pictures: 

Think of Marketing as an ice cream store and the different job fields as the numerous ice cream flavors you can choose from; the opportunities are endless! 

Because marketing is so versatile, there is so much to learn! Let’s look at what AMA’s guest speakers from the Taste of Marketing event have to share about Marketing and their experiences with it:

First, Let’s Start off With a Definition of Marketing

As stated by Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Carl Loredo, “Marketing is all about shaping the cultural intersection between a person and a brand. It’s a multidisciplinary career that drives where business is going”.

Next, Lets Gain Insight to Different Fields in Marketing

  1. Product Management

It is as simple as it sounds; product management is all about managing a product. This includes everything from development of the new product, launching the product, and marketing / managing the product at all stages of the product’s lifecycle. This type of role would be attractive to individuals who love analytics and data.

  1. Marketing Strategy

Contrary to product management, marketing strategy refers to a plan of action being designed to promote and sell a product or a service. This is often a long term strategy to reach prospective consumers. Companies who take on marketing strategy often implement ad campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization, viral marketing, email marketing, etc. This type of role would be attractive to individuals who like to be creative and think through problems by strategizing.

  1. Brand Management

Shifting gears just a little, brand management is all about how consumers view your product. With this aspect of marketing, a company’s main purpose is usually to maintain their brand as a credible source which consumers can trust. The primary goal is an increase in brand’s value overtime. This type of role would be attractive to individuals who are good at communicating and have excellent writing skills.

  1. Sales / Customer Experience

Sales and customer experience are aspects of marketing that are more applicable in the final stages. After a sale, it is important to make your customer want to come back. This is where sales and customer experience comes into play. This type of role would be attractive to individuals who are empathetic, consistent, and have insight in technology.

Lastly, Final Remarks

Although our speakers were only able to cover four out of the hundreds of roles within marketing, we hope that you were able to learn something new or even inspired to research more! Thank you to our speakers for attending AMA’s Taste of Marketing event. 

Written By : Aleena Chaudhary

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