Device Experience with Microsoft

Meet Ashley L. Overton, a current Microsoft employee who received her MBA from our beloved UT McCombs! 

Ashley attended Ohio State for her undergraduate degree in strategic communications and during her time at OSU, she became very interested in the tech industry. Having worked at companies, including Hollister, BMW, ShipperHQ, and General Motors, Ashley wanted more. She found that Hollister did not have the best company culture, BMW was simply a filler role, and ShipperHQ was too small of a company for her to learn and grow. General Motors was where she really learned the most about product marketing, sales and customer, and marketing strategy. This role led to… 

Microsoft! Ashley is an employee on the US M&O (marketing and operation) Sub-surface team, but she works very closely with the WW Surface team and the Field Sales Team & Partners. She began in a role focused on events, which was unfortunate since she started during the pandemic, but soon shifted to a role focused on experiences. Although, the pandemic has brought about significant trends regarding device experience that were not present pre-COVID. 


  1. Zoom fatigue! 

We all know how real this is ugh. Staring at a screen for hours on end is just so draining. Therefore, as companies began going online or hybrid, Microsoft had to change their webinar approach to becoming more home-office friendly and having the ability to connect anyone from anywhere. 

  1. From desktops to notebooks/tablets! 

So desktops are out of fashion and tablets are in? Wow, I miss the good old days of a pen and paper. Microsoft noticed a pivot from desktop usage to more portable devices during COVID. Therefore, the company had to redirect what industries and companies they targeted. 

So how do we appeal to these trends? Well, we must look at the customer journey! 

Customer journey: awareness interest/ideation evaluate use and create loyalty

Microsoft really focuses on the customer journey to tailor its products directly for the consumers themselves. Through this, they are able to provide their users with the best device experience possible!


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