All You Need to Know About our AMAzing Case Competition

Are you ready for our AMAzing Case Competition?

You might have heard about our case competition. If you have not, let me fill you in on information you will not want to miss out on!

We are holding a virtual case competition! “What is a case competition?”, you might ask. By participating in a case competition, you are able to use your knowledge in business to help provide real world business solutions. This year AMA is bringing start-up companies like Ghostery, Thoyen, Guayaki, High Brew Coffee, and Nimaroh to you! 

Let us dive deeper to the many events happening:

  1. Perfect Pitch Competition:  the AMA Perfect Pitch Competition is a 90 second interview in which you position yourself as being “right for the job.” This is a skill that every marketing professional needs to develop. Like an elevator pitch competition, your goal is to provide 2-3 key selling points why you are an ideal candidate and then supporting these qualifications with examples. The end goal is to close the deal and get hired! There are multiple rounds of the perfect pitch competition.
  1. Professional Networking Events: These roundtables offer students the opportunity to connect and network in small groups with current professionals around topics related to building your professional network, job search, mentorship, volunteer opportunities after graduation, and more! 
  1. Marketing Strategy: Sign up with a team and come up with a Marketing Strategy for one of the many companies we have on board. We level the playing field for all schools, big and small, to challenge your wit, speed and presentation skills.This one is all using your knowledge and experience to react quickly to come up with a case solution!

The AMA Case Competition is a great way to build skills, meet new people, and have fun! Click here to find a more detailed schedule or to learn more about the many other events. Click here if you want to sign up for the case competition.

Happy Case Comp.! 🙂

Written by : Aleena Chaudhary

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