Professional Tips & Opportunity Hunting

Hey AMA!! I hope y’all are super excited for Thanksgiving Break & AMAZING food coming up soon. Oh and also…finals right after…but we’ll just focus on the good for now;) 

We know this time of year can be extremely stressful with exams, COVID, holiday season preparation, and probably also looking for 2021 spring & summer professional opportunities. 

Lucky for you, this post is dedicated to preparing you to be the best possible candidate for your opportunities & teaching you all about how to look for them amongst so much #chaos and #competition!! 

5 Essentials for Building a Career - culpwrit


First! Some important tips & tools you may need as you embark on your application endeavors:

  • RESUME    
    • No more than one page 
      • You can use the McCombs template for reference
    • Separate ones for separate roles! 
      • They should all be specialized according to the type of role you are applying for and its requirements 
    • Pick and Choose 
      • I’m sure y’all have way too much experience to include all of it on one resume 🙂
    • WHY you?
      • Introduce yourself- in a way that a resume can’t 
      • Show off your skills, humbly;)
    • Do your research & match to job 
      • Mention of job/ kind of job being applied to 
    • The technicalities
      • Name 
      • Contact details: email & phone number
    • Formatting
      • One page
      • Single spaced, adding spaces between different sections 
    • Make connections with those in your circle & extended ones 
    • Contact those who work roles similar to those you aspire to attain
    • Be proactive! 
    • Example formatting:

And now… let’s jump right into OPPORTUNITY HUNTING. 

So stressful… I know… but this is to make it easier on you!

Here are the best ways you can narrow down your search & find the perfect fits for you:

  • McCombs Virtual Career Fairs
    • If you are a McCombs student, check your weekly BBA Careers Email 
    • Stay involved with career management events, employer events, and other unique workshops that may interest you
    • Head out to a virtual mock interview hosted by McCombs volunteers to readjust yourself to our the new environment
  • Make sure you stay in touch
    • Network with the leads, sponsors, or event managers for any presentations, workshops, or summits you attend
    • Reach out if they give you their email with a follow up! Otherwise, look them up on Linkedin & connect (don’t forget to send them a message!)
    • What do you want?
    • Make sure the internships you’re applying for are meeting your:
      • Salary requirements (if you have any)
      • Workplace environment expectations
      • Description hopes!! You don’t want to get bored on the job 😉

I truly hope you all benefited from this concise guide on how to put your best foot forward to kickstart your career opportunities.

If you would like to be part of a private Slack channel & portal by AMA relaying TONS of #superawesome marketing (and other) opportunities… then you should SIGN UP to be a paid member next semester!!

Good luck on your endeavours and happy Thanksgiving from AMA Content Committee ❤

Written by Ishita Ahuja

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