Marketing 101: Brand Storytelling

Hello AMA Family! 

This week we will be discussing one of the most important elements of any good marketing strategy.


While many brands nowadays use stories to deliver their message and promote their products, in many cases, the difference between a successful and failed marketing campaign is in the way the storytelling is done.

Some questions to consider before putting together a brand campaign story include: 

How effective was the story in resonating with/relating to the target audience? 

What important/vital characteristic of the brand does it highlight? 

Does it do a good job of addressing this characteristic?

How does the brand make use of “feeling” and “emotion” to evoke something in the audience?

Is the audience persuaded to pursue the company’s call to action (usually to “buy X product/service)? 

Many marketing experts ask similar questions when building their campaign stories too!

So, obviously, we would expect a company that is able to answer all of these questions in detail through their story will have a successful ad campaign RIGHT

Actually, no. 

Not always

In fact, according to Jeff Freedman, from his own experience trying to run a nonprofit and promote the company, he realized that going by the book isn’t necessarily the right way to go about it. 

He explains that it takes more initiative from a brand, for them to EMBODY the VALUES they preach and are supposedly ALL ABOUT.

The most successful companies are the ones that can convince their customers to trust in them and that their mission statement rings true in everything they do!

When a company can SHOW, NOT TELL, their core morals through their actions outside of product promotion….. 


Some examples Freedman refers to in the TedTalk include:

APPLE: Through their “packaging and retail experience” and more, they convey the message “Simple is better.”

Walt Disney World: Through their theme parks, merchandise, and more, they convey that “It’s fun to imagine.” 

These companies, WITHOUT SAYING IT DIRECTLY, are able to convey these messages to their audience! 

So, for those of you looking to work for an ad agency in the future, or even start your own agency like Freedman and his former colleague (#entrepreneursofthefuture)…

I hope these tips helped you as you continue your journey of brand storytelling and bring you one step closer to being a great #marketingexpert!! 

To learn more about brand storytelling from Jeff Freedman, watch his TedTalk at the link below!

The moral of the story: Jeff Freedman at TEDxBeaconStreet


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