#Designing for a more human future with R/GA

Hello AMA family! 

If you are passionate about the world of digital and technology-driven marketing and are looking to work with one of the best companies in their field, LOOK NO FURTHER! 

Today we will be discussing R/GA and how the company has taken on its mission to be a “future-facing brand” that “designs for a more human future!” 

In this article, we will learn a little bit about 

  • R/GA’s work with the technology
  • characteristics that make R/GA the unique company it is
  • some projects R/GA has previously worked on


most importantly, how all of this ties into their new positioning to have a “more human-centered future!”

R/GA as a Leader in Technology

Since the start of its foundation, R/GA has been a leader and innovator in the technology realm. Beginning as a motion graphics company in the 70s, adapting to technological changes throughout the years is part of the beauty and lifestyle of the company. In fact, R/GA has its own ventures arm, where the company supplies creative capital to new startups and works on retail innovation, connected devices, influencer platforms and more! 

Some examples of the creative technology-driven partnerships R/GA has worked on with a few of your FAVORITE brands include: 

Nike: “Hey Google, Ask Nike!”

Le Creuset: E-Commerce and Website Building

Reddit: Building Awareness around Voting 

What makes R/GA Unique?

As a company that has been around for many years, R/GA has remained true to its values and stepping stones upon which the company was first founded when working with their clients, as well as among employees:



Working hard side by side with the client

Listening & Learning from the client 


A Diverse Group of Skill Sets 

It is these characteristics that make every day within the R/GA work environment safe, secure, successful, and, of course, EXCITING! And…why so many brands love working with R/GA!

See the source image

Previous Projects 



Recognize these brands? As a successful company, R/GA has worked for many brands ranging from Google to Nike to Patagonia. The ones mentioned above are just a few of the numerous examples of R/GA’s best work where they’ve been able to transform a brand towards a “more human-centered future.” 

With Michaels, R/GA worked to craft the store’s brand to showcase what is unique about them. Instead of approaching the company as another Walmart or grocery come craft store, R/GA recognized the custom experience that Michaels brings to its consumers. Michaels represents the world of dedicated artists, painters, sculptures, and others with products specifically chosen for their every need. R/GA realized this trait and decided to expand on it by building the campaign, “Michaels: Made by You.” This marketing campaign highlighted the humanity of the brand and was part of R/GA’s mission to bring about a more “human-centered future.”

R/GA also worked with Sonic to retain the brand’s classic qualities and features that make it unique and “human,” while also bringing it up to speed with digital technology and contactless ordering. R/GA worked on building a new application for Sonic that would allow customers to order and pay ahead of time, adapting the customer experience slightly to stay up-to-date, while keeping the timeless drive-in feel and “employees on roller skates” legacy ideas that Sonic was built upon. 

So whether you are a newbie to the digital marketing world or a passionate campaign designer, R/GA has something for you! With their focus on creating and innovating new work that touches the humanity in every brand, R/GA has only the most motivated and inspiring workers, one of whom, in the near future, may be YOU

Learn more about R/GA and their mission to work with brands to design a more human-centered future by checking out the links below! See some of the projects discussed in the article above, as well as others at their website:

R/GA I Designing for a more human future

Michaels Made By You Platform: 

Made By You | Work

SONIC Drive-In Mobile Experience: 

This is How You SONIC | Work

NIKE A/R Jordan Ecomm Experience: 

A/R Jordan | Work


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