Member of the Month: Carina Hung

On Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to chat with Texas AMA’s Member of the Month, Carina Hung! We talked about her favorite things, the future, and what AMA has been like for her. Show her some love this week!

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

The age-old interview question… but in this case, to get to Carina as a whole, human, person. Carina goes, “For a second I thought you wanted to hear my elevator pitch!”

…like where you’re from, what you love… all that good stuff!

“I am from Sugarland, TX near the Houston area. And I am graduating next spring, Spring 2021. So I am a senior. I am an advertising major and I do photography for fun. It started with just taking family photos and doing photography for other organizations, but yeah, I just really enjoy it!”

Carina is also a big reader and particularly loves young adult fiction. She used to request advance reader copies of books and review them on her blog!

She joined AMA not knowing much about marketing but wanted to learn more about how it differed from her advertising major. She discovered that marketing shows the bigger picture of what businesses are looking at, and advertising fits right into it.

Why marketing? And what does marketing mean to you?

“As a big reader, I like how you can look at data and tell a story from its insights. You get to work with the creative side of things while also utilizing the analytical side.”

“Because I love the intersection between creativity and analytics, I hope to work in advertising strategy one day, or account management.”

Okay, now I have a fun question. If you could describe your personality in a song/movie/animal/brand, what would you choose?

  • Song: Korean original soundtracks or ballads
  • Movie/TV Show: Awkward MTV… maybe because I can be awkward?
  • Animal: I would say puppy, but realistically, probably a wombat.
  • Brand: Extra, because I feel like the brand focuses on giving extra to the people you love. 

Share with us a favorite experience you have had in AMA!

“I was in an AMA agency one semester and I loved it. Mira (an AMA alum) was really good at leading our team for Seekr, the client we were working with. Seekr is an event planning company, and they were incredibly nice, which made for a great experience.”

“We did basic marketing tasks like writing one-liners about their events that aligned with their content, created social media content, and we were even able to help plan a new event.”

Carina really enjoyed her time in agency and said that the great people and the awesome brand that she was able to work with made it totally worth it.

What are three things you cannot live without?

  1. The Internet. So much of culture revolves around the Internet and staying connected with people is so important!
  2. My camera. When I first got into photography, I took family photos on vacations. Then, I got into Tumblr, and wanted to start posting my own content for Tumblr. First I started with my phone, moved to point and shoots, then invested in a DSLR when I started to grow my influence on Tumblr! It was mostly food photography because at the time, I was living in Connecticut, which is super close to New York City. I would photograph cupcake shops and bakeries…
  3. Hand cream. It smells good and is just so relaxing.

She was Tumblr famous, y’all.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

*laughs* *continues to laugh*

“I am hoping that in five years I’ll be at a good place in a company and have some level of authority. Maybe I will have moved around to different jobs by then. My hope isn’t to be working in an agency necessarily, but in-house at a company.”

“I’m thinking in Texas, but I also want to go back to New York sometime! My hope is to have a great support group of friends, no matter where I am!”

We love our members, and Carina is nothing short of wonderful. Give her some love!


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