NFL Marketing w/ Savanna Wood!

Welcome back AMA family! 

For all of you football superfans out there, today’s article is just what you’ve been waiting for! In this post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of sports marketing with NFL marketing expert Savanna Wood! 

Stay tuned to read more about her experience marketing in the NFL and how she takes challenges head-on in her industry! 

Meet Savanna & The Jacksonville Jaguars!

If you’re a fan of “The Good Place” or just the NFL in general, you’re probably super familiar with The Jacksonville Jaguars! 

After working with The Boston Red Sox, Savanna decided to return to her roots as a gator and joined The Jaguars on their marketing team! Since joining them, she has worked on a variety of super cool projects such as:

  • The “Minshew Mania” starter-packs 
  • The infamous CAT video! 🙂 
  • Influencer initiatives (including bringing the cast of The Good Place out to a game)
  • Group sales initiatives 
  • AND MORE!!

Savanna says marketing for an NFL team consists of a WHOLE lot of unpredictability and adaptability of being able to change your strategy to meet fluctuation in market demands. 

You’re probably thinking, what does all that CRAZY “word vomit” ultimately MEAN?!

Essentially, for Savanna, every day in the office is a new one and all hands are ALWAYS (and I mean literally all the time…Savanna works long hours) on deck. 

Because the marketing team is so crucial to sales and revenue, Savanna and her team are at the center of the business and everyone comes to them for help on:

getting out the word

selling sponsorship tickets


partnering in the social media realm

increasing the market-size 

and more!

Especially during COVID, there has been more pressure than ever on her team because they handle all the electronic forms of communication, which frankly, in this pandemic is the only form of communication big companies like the Jaguars have!

Tips All Digital Marketing Newbies Should Know:

Savanna says, as a digital marketer, in a world of innovative technology, she makes sure all the content she produces: 


Content that “breaks through the noise” is eye-catching, attention grabbing, increases engagement, and, most importantly, stands out by fitting in

Having been in the industry for many years, Savanna always points to one thing she notices that many marketing teams fail to do well. That is: standing out by fitting in.

Good marketing means changing up one’s strategy to appeal to the different channels (Instagram, Facebook, commercials, etc) through which one is producing content for! 

Having the same attitude for different channels is where many brands fail because the company’s audience on Instagram is probably TOTALLY DIFFERENT than they’re audience on Twitter! 

Using this to your advantage, by checking a channel’s analytics, demographics, and more, is how one can be successful, especially when working for the NFL.

Lastly, Savanna recommends that marketing teams be flexible! 

Savanna’s job is very volatile and depends a great deal on how a player is doing or how a team’s reputation is for a particular season, and knowing when to pull back or heavily push a product. 

So for all our aspiring sports marketers out there, know that while the job is hard work and can be tricky to navigate at times, if you continue striving for your goals and “breaking through the noise,” you’ll be on your way to greatness! 


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