A Taste of Our “Taste of Marketing” Event

     Welcome back to the blog, Texas AMA! Maybe you’re reading this today and thinking, “aw, man! I can’t believe I missed out on Texas AMA’s Taste of Marketing event!”, or maybe you’re thinking, “what is this ‘Taste of Marketing’ that everyone keeps talking about,” or maybe you went to Taste of Marketing but you just can’t get enough! Well, do I have good news for you: wherever you fall on the spectrum of Taste-of-Marketing-familiarity, today’s blog post is for you! We’re going to be covering some of our favorite takeaways from everyone’s favorite Texas AMA event, and aim to give you a taste of our “Taste of Marketing” event.


     The evening began with the perfect combination: finger foods and mingling. From this alone, everyone could tell this event would be one to remember, and the rest of the evening did indeed unfold to be one of immense learning and value to all who were able to experience it. Taste of Marketing officially began with some truly riveting trivia featuring just why the world of marketing was something to be celebrated and championed. From here, the event moved to introduce the wildly diverse and impressive range of successful individuals in the room, with a collection of marketing professionals working in industry, AMA alumni, and UT faculty and professors in general representing businesses such as Oracle, Whataburger, Dell, Indeed, IBM, Briggo, and many more. Needless to say, with such a large group of people, the collective plethora of unique experiences and words of wisdom led to a significantly meaningful and valuable time of networking, broadening of knowledge, and encouragement among each and every attendee– marketing professionals and students alike. 


     In terms of content, while each individual offered a range of rich experiences to learn from, I want to highlight a few key points that stuck out to me and will stay with me over the next couple of years as I navigate through my own journey as an aspiring marketing professional. From learning more about how each and every course within the marketing department at the University of Texas at Austin targets the four P’s of marketing (price, product, promotion, and place) in its own unique perspective to hearing about personal experiences and words of advice to students, Taste of Marketing opened so many windows of opportunity to learn more about what it means to pursue the field of marketing. Within the context of being a student at the UT Austin, there are unique and specialized courses for tracks within marketing such as brand management, social and digital marketing, marketing research and analytics, and countless more– ensuring that no matter what your unique passion is within marketing, or if you are still in the process of discovering what that specialized interest is for you, there is room for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of marketing in an encouraging environment. 


“Be intellectually curious. Marketing is so broad and houses so many interesting opportunities within the wide field– take hold of your opportunities and EXPLORE!” – Jade DeKinder, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at UT Austin.

“Communication is key– it filters into all aspects of business across all industries, and communication careers are generally within the marketing department at companies.” – Laura Brockway, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Texas Medical Liability Trust.

“Don’t be afraid of quantitative analysis! There is room for creativity even within the world of marketing analytics and research.” – Kathy Li, Assistant Professor of Marketing at UT Austin.

“Brands live in people’s hearts and minds– now, we need to be asking the question: how can we target that?” – Steve Brister, Lecturer & Assistant Chair of Marketing Department at UT Austin.




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