Marketing Matters

     Mar·ket·ing. /ˈmärkədiNG/ (noun) – the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

     As a beloved reader of AMA’s blog (hi, so glad you’re here!), you may find yourself wondering at times: “Why does AMA care about marketing? What’s the big deal? Why should I care about marketing?” While many tend to view the onset of these questions as the beginning of an identity crisis– at least with regards to career and major and all those things we tend to put extreme pressure on–  these questions are important— and good, even. For anything that asks of our precious time and energy, our human nature urges us to question the value of whatever it is– in our case, the idea of marketing as an interest, passion, and career path. As these important questions arise, I want to encourage you to lean into them, and truly ask yourself where you find value in this broad field. This idea of “personal value” may characterize as an interest in a specific aspect of marketing, such as digital marketing, marketing analytics and SEO, marketing strategy in general, and countless other “topical” focuses. 

     For me, the avenue through which I have been able to explore these questions has presented itself to me in the form of Texas AMA, and I truly can say without a shadow of a doubt that Texas AMA has developed and shaped the formation of my understanding of the beautiful and extremely valuable world of marketing. From the incomparable speaker events each Tuesday to more personal coffee chats, Texas AMA has given me insurmountable exposure and countless introductions to the many different paths within marketing, and each and every one of these experiences has led to a renewed understanding and passion for marketing, which can be explained under three main points: 1) people matter, 2) culture matters, and 3) you matter. 


1. People Matter

     At the heart of marketing lies people. At the end of the day, each and every decision made in the world of marketing relates strategy and design thinking back to the target audience. When we say “People Matter”, we’re really looking at the importance of understanding the human experience as it relates to how we think, feel, and behave in relation to things we experience– such as a how we respond to a particularly powerful marketing strategy versus one that doesn’t truly captivate the audience. 

As a wholehearted “people-person”, I found immense value in this aspect of marketing, as I have always been interested in how people work and what causes people to care about certain things versus others, and marketing is all about these underlying ideas of human connection. People are the defining factor of marketing– without people, “marketing” ceases to exist.


2. Culture Matters

     Now, with people comes culture. The level of understanding held regarding the culture of your target audience has the power to make or break the success and effectiveness of any and all marketing efforts. This idea that “Culture Matters” is becoming increasingly prevalent with the current age of innovation with regards to rapid technological advancement, which then trickles down to the broad idea of digital marketing. The ever-changing integration of technology within marketing then leads to the question of how technology is integrated– or not integrated– into individual cultures, leading to the bigger strategic question of how to use this information when thinking about effective strategy for any specific target audience. 

     For me, culture is a deeply intriguing and truly invaluable aspect of the world of marketing. Culture encompasses and impacts countless factors in marketing, from details such as word choice and color schemes to big ideas such as answering the question of which topics should be emphasized versus avoided among different cultures. Furthermore, culture can be found on each and every scale possible, leading marketing professionals to be able to be comfortable in analyzing culture in a small-scale startup and culture in an entire region of the world alike. Culture truly opens the door to creativity in the content and once again, that design thinking that is so crucial in the process of marketing strategy.


3. You Matter

     Finally, you! “You Matter” is exactly what it sounds like: this is the most personal aspect of why one should be passionate about marketing– it’s all about you! Each and every person in the world is truly unique and has their own take on things, and those ideas are valuable beyond measure. In a world of wildly encouraged and facilitated collaboration in the workplace, in classrooms, and truly in life in general, I want to emphasize the importance of your ideas– they are 100% your own and they are unlike anyone else’s! One of the most valuable things I have learned already during my time within AMA is that I have something to offer, and while my thoughts and ideas for marketing campaigns and design and content and all the countless factors that go into any marketing effort may be similar to others, there is no one in the world who has the exact same set of experiences, dispositions, and thought processes as me, and this in itself provides immense value. 

     Only I can bring my life and all the thoughts and feelings and experiences that comes with it to the world of marketing, and it is so special to be able to have the opportunity to do exactly that within the community of unconditional encouragement and constructive feedback that Texas AMA provides. If I’ve learned anything from Texas AMA, it is the sweet truth that my ideas matter and should be shared– and the support within this space is one of the most influential factors in the continuous development of my passion for marketing.



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