6 Apps for Savvy Marketing Students

     What can you do with five minutes of free time and your smartphone? Evidently, a lot. As technology has increased, our phones have capabilities we previously may have only ever dreamed of, and marketers can use this as their handheld superpower.

     There are thousands of apps that aspiring marketers (and college students in general) could have on their phones. But which ones are worth downloading? Here is our list of 6 Apps Savvy Marketing Students should be using in 2020.



AMA - wunderlist


     If you’ve been looking for a way to digitize traditional to-do lists, Wunderlist is the answer. The app is a great way of organizing tasks by various topics, and gives you the ability to share your lists with colleagues to help project management. Use it to set deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress to make organization effortless.

AMA - dropbox


     Whether you have graphics, photos, or documents, DropBox is an essential platform for sharing files between people on your team. “Bringing your files and cloud content together” is Dropbox’s promise, and with their file synchronization platform, members of your team can upload and download papers from anywhere. Give your traditional filing cabinet an update into the 21st century with this tool to manage all your digital “paperwork”.



AMA - slack


     Here at Texas AMA, Slack is our primary means of communication, especially between different officer teams and committees. Being able to message people through various channels helps streamline communication, and facilitates conversation flow easily from mobile devices to the desktop version of the app.

AMA - trello


     Similar to Slack, Trello is another great way of helping groups communicate. The visual card system helps team members add, edit, and rearrange tasks to make sure everyone can see which assignment has priority.


Content Creation

AMA - over


     Over allows you to create beautiful visual content by adding text to your photos. The variety of fonts, graphics templates, and filters can help you create a unique, and aesthetically pleasing, theme for any campaign or event. For busy students on the go, this app is ideal for adding an extra element to make your posts stand out.

AMA - canva


     Canva is a powerful tool for creating quality graphics that can be easily and quickly shared directly to popular social media platforms. The pre-designed templates and library of images and graphics gives you a fantastic starting point for your next project. Basic image editing can also be done on Canva for free, which can further help take your social media game to the next level.


     While this list is by no means extensive, it lays a solid groundwork of possibilities marketers can rely on from the convenience of their phones. Of course, being familiar with all of the major social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) should also be important.

     Texas AMA does a great job of preparing future marketers on how to use tools just like the ones mentioned above. Workshops (like the recent class on Adobe XD) provides students with the chance to play around with different platforms. Come out to our next workshop (or any of our professional development events) to learn more and build up new skills.


*All images were sourced from Google Images.*




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