5 Tips for Successful Teamwork

     It has been the first quarter of this semester. How is everyone in AMA doing? Is your first exam just a few days away? Or did you just start your first group project? Teamwork is essential for many jobs, especially as marketers who usually work and make decisions as a group. Today, I am going to introduce 5 simple tips to help you conduct a more smooth and efficient teamwork. 

1. Set Clear Goals

     It’s fundamentally important to clarify what the mission and the goal of your team is. Even though you think everyone should know since the group is already formed, there still could be differences in the understanding and attention to detail. And detail matters. 

     Mission and goal are actually different. Mission is the general big picture you want to achieve at the end. There should be only one mission which every part of the work of your team should consider. That can also showcase the culture of your team. However, goals could be set for each phase of the work. Only when clear mission and goals are set can you make sure that every member is on the same page, and the communication can go smoothly later on. 

2. Establish Team Norms

     Besides mission and goals, well-established team norms can allow a team to function more effectively and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

     It’s always better to stay brutally blunt at the very beginning. We all know sometimes it’s hard to frankly point out pain points of each other while still in the process of becoming familiar. Therefore, it’s helpful to sign a team contract for everyone to follow rules like “no more 2 absences for the meeting” or “no phone calls during the meeting.” Setting up a discipline that everyone agrees to is also a process to build up close relationships. In the process, you can get to know more about each other personally and understand their ways of thinking.

3. Assign Roles

     In addition to making team contracts, role assignment is indispensable for conducting harmonious teamwork and also allows the team to dig out more about each other. Developing the right mix of team member function and roles for deciding who takes on charge of which part in the future requires an understanding of each person’s unique skills. There should be people who are good at technical things but also members with brilliant interpersonal skills in a team. Finally, a devil’s advocate is necessary for the team as well as someone who is the “life of the party”. 

     Role allocation is crucial because it ensures that there is no overlapping or missing obligation and there is a person to go for if some part of the jobs need to be checked.

4. Find Out Internal Drive 

     Commitment is many times a big problem for teams. That’s because those teams fail to build up internal motivation. First of all setting the purpose and the common goal in the beginning is crucial. That’s why everyone is here. Moreover, good team relationships can be an effective drive for members to work together and commit more. Furthermore, recognition for everyone’s contribution are powerful drives for people to do more.

5. Do Team Reviews Periodically

     No team could succeed without evaluating their works from time to time. Team evaluation serves as an alarm for those free-riders. It can remind them that you are not being forgotten. Periodic reviews also prevent small mistakes to generate irreparable results. Last but not the least, Looking back to what you have done helps you review your work from a more objective perspective and allows you to think out of the box.

     Incorporating all 5 tips, I hope you can have an efficient but also entertaining teamwork experience.



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