Tiff’s Treats vs Insomnia Cookies

The wait is finally over! After months of anticipation and electrical issues, Insomnia Cookies has finally opened in Austin. UT Students can now enjoy the same fresh, warm, and gooey cookies as the rest of the country, but what does this mean for Tiff’s Treats? As the long-time go-to cookie destination for hungry students and organizations trying to attract hungry students, Tiff’s Treats now has some new competition. Not to be dramatic, but the cookie delivery scene in Austin will never be the same.


The Hometown Favorites

Tiff’s Treats has been the main cookie destination for hungry cookie-lovers at UT for years. In fact, the company was started right here at UT when Tiffany Taylor stood Leon Chen up on a date and delivered fresh cookies as an apology. Twenty years later, they are married and run a very successful business together, so it seems to have all worked out for the best!

Tiff’s Treats’ marketing strategy has always focused around their local, hometown feel. Even when expanding to other states, the company always wanted to maintain their Texas culture. Today, Tiff’s Treats has donated over $60,000 to local charities (Austin 360), and they receive traction and excitement through special promotions. The company especially loves gearing its marketing strategy toward the local community. At the beginning of this year, every Jester resident received a coupon to make toward their first cookie order. Tiff’s treats relies on this awareness and word-of-mouth; something that has allowed them to be a cult classic at UT Austin.


The Newcomer

While Tiff’s Treats has been the uncontested winner of the Austin cookie industry for years, they now have some newfound competition. Insomnia Cookies, founded at the University of Pennsylvania, has been quickly expanding into nearly every major college campus for years, and they have finally arrived at UT. This company’s marketing centers around their unique business hours – delivering cookies until 3 am to uplift students during their late-night study sessions. Insomnia Cookies opened in Austin after receiving numerous email requests. Insomnia Cookies utilized field marketing with a grand opening party on November 10 to get the community excited about their long-awaited arrival.


What Now?

Tiff’s Treats is perceived as one of Insomnia Cookie’s biggest rivals, and they do have an established brand with home court advantage. Insomnia Cookies is more recognized nationally, and Austin locals have been counting down the days for their new opening. It’s safe to say Tiff’s Treats has some competition, so how will their marketing strategy change?

This isn’t the first time Tiff’s Treats and Insomnia Cookies have had locations in the same city. When Tiff’s Treats expanded to Atlanta, Georgia, their first location outside of Texas, Insomnia Cookies was already there. However, Tiff’s Treats wasn’t too fazed. “Co-founder Leon Chen said the company’s top leaders focus on improving their own products and services instead of worrying about the competition. He also said increased awareness of cookie delivery will benefit Tiff’s: “The more people ordering warm cookie delivery, the better. There’s enough room for multiple companies in every segment. Look at home many high-end burger chains there are — most of them seem to be doing really well.’” (Austin Business Journal)

This time around, Insomnia Cookies is the newcomer, but Tiff’s Treats seems to be focusing on their already established fanbase and popularity in the Austin community.


In conclusion…

We’ll have to wait to see if and how Tiff’s Treats changes their marketing strategy with Insomnia Cookies now in the picture. Tiff’s Treats is well-known in Austin, but Insomnia Cookies is more recognized nationally, and currently seem to be the shiny new toy that everyone can’t wait to play with. However, regardless of the competition, there are more than enough cookie-lovers in Austin to go around!


By: Jennifer Lin

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