Glossier: The Millenials’ Estee Lauder

“You have now entered a people-powered beauty ecosystem” is the first line on the about page of, a beauty company that was founded by Emily Weiss in 2010. As an avid consumer of this specific beauty company, I can wholeheartedly confirm that Glossier is just that. All my instore visits feel like amusement park tours and all the products I’ve purchased from my Rose Balm Dotcom to my glittery purple Lidstar, bring out the most authentic and confident version in me. 

Standing Out

The beginnings of Glossier lie in Emily Wiess’ blog, Into the Gloss, which she began as a platform to write about celebrities’ beauty secrets and hacks. It was after she received a positive response to her own four beauty products, that included a skin salve, priming moisturizer, concealer, and a skin mist, that she decided to launch Glossier with these four items. 

In a $445 billion industry, Weiss explains that Glossier can differentiate from other direct-to-consumer brands by producing products that consumers want. For example, when consumers expressed that they wanted a sunscreen, Glossier spent years developing the perfect one.

The makeup and skincare brand that has disrupted the beauty industry has continuously proven that in an economy and society where department stores are increasingly dying, it is extremely important to be consumer-oriented.

Becoming a Marketing Success

Glossier’s success has lied in two aspects of marketing that they have perfected: branding and social media.

As far as branding goes, they have continuously put out an image of being authentically you which is so important in a society where the public has significantly become more and more accepting. This is also reflected in their product lines as the products are made to be simple and require little to no expertise in makeup. But no worries, their products are still made with high-quality ingredients and still look incredible in any way they are used. Everything about this brand has been tailored for the “On the Go Girl”, which so many women in this generation identify as.

They were able to gain a huge following on Instagram through the use of hashtags and content that was relatable to their targeted audience. They created the trending hashtag #glossierpink that led consumers to identify a specific shade of dusty rose pink with the brand. Their social media efforts have led the company to become a $100 million business and acquire 2.3m followers on Instagram, completely disrupting the industry.


If you live in Austin, good news, Glossier has established a pop-up shop in SoCo, down the street from Jo’s coffee, that is to remain open until December 8th. This pop-up shop is one of the two functioning Glossier stores, the other which is a permanent showroom in New York City. 

By: Luisa Gabaldon


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