4 Important Career Tips from Nicole Dellert

If you missed last week’s AMAzing Tuesday Speaker Series, don’t fret! We’re here to cover the main takeaways from Nicole Dellert’s, a previous Conde Nast executive, presentation on Social Media and Content Marketing.


As Long as You’re Saying Yes and Working Towards Your Goals, Good Things Will Happen to You.

Nicole made it clear that her life was a rollercoaster straight out of college. From being a UT Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English to spontaneously moving between Australia, New York, and Austin, Nicole expressed that her eagerness to embrace all the opportunities she faced, down to her PSAT Tutoring job, helped her culminate the skills she needed to be successful. Her experiences also led her to her beginnings at Conde Nast as an assistant, a position that started her five-year climb up to executive. She also mentioned how important it is to stay focused on doing what you love to do. “All of the opportunities are there, you just have to look for them”, said Nicole. On top of working as a tutor, she stayed true to her love for comedy and formed part of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a very well recognized comedy group now based out of New York. 

Your People Skills Matter

As a Conde Nast executive, Nicole stated that amongst her most important and used skills was her people skills. As a leader for a group one should be able to tailor their designated team to where all individuals are using their strengths to the best of their abilities. Everyone has a story that led them where they are today, learn that story and build your own. In order to lead an effective work team, one should also be able to foster trust with other individuals, regardless of superiority or absence of. Through trusting the different individuals that curated and executed specific projects, Nicole expressed that that made all the difference in the effectiveness of her team and the company as a whole. 


Know a Little Bit of Everything

From a recruiting standpoint, Nicole stated that one of the most important things she looks for is expanded knowledge. She recommended students to take a wide variety of 101 or “Intro” classes while the courses are readily available and easily accessible. Specifically for Conde Nast, she explained that it was important that employees were able to do a lot with little. Companies don’t always have the most convenient budgets allocated for digital marketing and advertising. “It is important to possess many talents and be able to make use of them when scarcity is presented, regardless of the field”. She pointed out as well that companies look for students and graduates that are able to tell her (an executive) what they don’t know. Through curating different skills, one is able to offer a perspective that otherwise would have not been presented. 


Be Willing to Stay Late

The final word of advice for students who are searching to go into the field of Social Media and Content Marketing is simple- they must be willing to stay late. This means that dedication and passion are characteristics needed to thrive in a field that requires constant observation and adapts to changes in consumer trends. Although imposter syndrome is evident in various amount of fields including social media marketing, Nicole said that she combatted that once she told herself “I have made my way into the room, and I am here now, and that is enough”. 


Nicole Dellert was able to present students with the behind the scenes details of a social media marketing position, both in the context as an executive and an assistant, at Conde Nast. Her presentation included important critical information both for students looking into recruiting and students looking to continue on to pursue a career in Social Media Marketing. I hope these tips help you in your career and we can’t wait to see you at our next Tuesday Speaker Series!

By: Luisa Gabaldon


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