4 Tips on Personal Branding

As individuals, and as professionals, it is important that we take a good, hard look at who we are. More importantly, what our personal values, skills, and beliefs are. In figuring out how to convey those elements, we define and build our own brand. As you embark on your branding journey, consider these tips:

Know Who You Are and Are not 

It is important to define yourself. In identifying who you are, you can clearly identify customers who can resonate with you – what you are offering and what your values are – and who can celebrate your brand. Never succumb to the ideas of the marketplace; authenticity and knowing what value you can bring is a valuable asset that can help strengthen your brand.

Know your “Why”

Ask yourself, “what is your purpose? Why are you here? How do you plan on fulfilling your business’ promise or pursuing your purpose?” Once you know the answer to those questions, creating your brand is just finding a unique and memorable way to express/communicate your purpose to your market. You will also be able to recognize the want/need of the market and see how your purpose aligns with the market’s demand.

Capitalize on who you truly are

Branding shouldn’t be difficult. Look at what you already have and know. What phrases do you say a lot? What platforms are you established on? What colors are you drawn to? What is your unique personality? People don’t initially buy into a product, they buy into a person/experience/value – a unique brand. You should be creating your brand without having to force it. 

Follow your passion

Your brand should resonate with what you are passionate about. A crucial personal branding tip is that you should be an expert in whatever industry your business is in. By choosing to follow your passion, you will be more inclined to stay up to date with the trends, research competitors and other risk factors, and continue learning and expanding your knowledge/expertise. Have a ‘make it your own’ attitude while pursuing something you are passionate about and make your brand synonymous with your personality. 

Branding yourself means to develop a unique identity and coherent message that sets you apart from others, either in your company or in your industry. Branding is important because it makes a memorable impression on others and communicates a message about your value and purpose. A good brand communicates a unique personality; for a business, branding creates loyalty. Remember, be the brand manager of your own personal brand.

By: Melissa Wijono


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