The Marketing behind the House of Torment

Welcome one and all to Austin, Texas: the home of the beloved Bevo, live music, urban eats, and last but not least, the House of Torment. As leaves begin to fall off trees and the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fills the air, UT students steel their nerves as they prepare for the iconic sight of fright. Distinguished as one of the top-ranked haunted houses in the nation, the House of Torment continues to gain revenue through strategic marketing strategies that we’ll delve into below.


Chills and Thrills All Year Long: 

Frightening Austinians since 2003, the House of Torment was originally a Halloween exclusive attraction; however, once they moved locations to the former Highland Mall, the building has become more of a permanent fixture in Austin’s entertainment offerings. This move-in 2015 allowed the attraction to double in size. The haunted house was also able to gain more traffic as they added more attractions such as a gift shop, a box office, parking, and a year-round escape room. By following the booming popularity of escape rooms, the haunted house actively attracts both newcomers and old-timers. In addition, the House of Torment features a special Christmas Event: Krampus a Haunted Christmas. Limited to only two days, the haunted house swaps its pumpkins for Christmas lights, features iconic Christmas characters such as Jack Frost, and invites visitors to an interactive Christmas themed haunt. 

By adding small features such as an escape room and transforming the Halloween theme to a Christmas Haunt Special, the House of Torment continues to attract customers throughout the year. 


New Line-ups: 

Rather than solely having spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine, there are three separate attractions for the 2019 line-up. This year the haunted house features Dimensions of Darkness, Rise of the Dead, and Clown. Each respective attraction follows its own unique storyline as well as enticing potential visitors with the recognizable resemblance to current day trends. With the booming popularity of terrifying demon clowns such as Pennywise from IT, demons from The Conjuring, and Walking Dead Zombies, the House of Torment keeps their line-up fresh but still adds in a unique twist and fear. 


Group Discounts 

Throughout the Halloween season, groups looking for 15+ general admission tickets or 9+ fast pass/skip-the-line tickets are eligible for group discounts. The House of Torment actively encourages its customers to come in group settings and allows them to have a competitive advantage. This tactic allows the attraction to gain more customers as well as gain more popularity as more and more people come. 


Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Company 

Partnered with Thirteen Floor Entertainment Floor, the production level of the House of Torment improves year after year. There is a full production team for film quality sets, costumes, and makeup that allow for a more immersive experience. These qualities of the House of Torment aid its popularity – as observed on the Travel Channel, The Huffington Post, Discovery Channel, and Buzzfeed. 

In addition, as the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company, the Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group features around 11 attractions throughout the US. Since partnering with this company, the House of Torment has grown to eight sights in five cities in four states.


In Conclusion: 

Through the use of new line-ups, all year events, advanced production strategies, and strategic partnership, the House of Torment continues to hold its place as the King of haunted houses. 


By: Jeena Bae


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