Wendy’s : UT Austin’s “Krusty Krab”

Thump…Thump… You see it, smell it, touch it, you hear your heartbeat ringing in your ear. This is a recurring sensation that happens to the majority of students at the University of Texas at Austin. Every midnight, lethargic students migrate from the PCL to Wendy’s to ultimately grasp their Wendy’s receipt like a golden ticket, waiting for their name to be called. Wendy’s, otherwise known as Jendy’s (a nickname made up by UT students that mixes it’s real name with its location), fuels student’s weak and sleep-deprived bodies. The students get welcomed by the glittering sets of food and white cups with a red pigtail girl logo printed on it. Not only has Wendy’s been making a mark on UT’s campus, but also recently, Wendy’s has been making splashes on the internet. 

What is twitter’s role in Wendy’s marketing/communications department? : 

“Headstrong.” “Savage-like.” These are a few of the many adjectives that people would use to describe Wendy’s tweets. For the past few years, Wendy’s has been responding to specific twitter users and retweeting at them. These days, most brands are listening to consumer’s opinions more than ever. They are utilizing shared media to interact with customers. Before the arrival of social media, the relationship between the customer and the company used to be more professional. Due to social media, Wendy’s mode of communication has been totally altered in the recent years; especially in ways of reacting to tweets. The humanized account of Wendy’s personifies a straightforward and sassy friend. This was a fresh and prosperous breakthrough in the social media market. In this way, Wendy’s was able to increase their online engagement rates and shape fast food social media’s conversational and youthful twitter presence. Furthermore, social media wars – such as the Wendy’s and Burger King’s spicy nuggets war – among fast food companies stimulate the fans and consumers. It all started by twitter user’s criticism that there is no special thing about Wendy’s new release of spicy nuggets when it exists in another company, Burger King. To this tweet, Wendy’s slayed in somewhat sassy way which absolutely draw attention to the audience. This interest creates a competitive ambiance among the companies, thus building up solid brand image of Wendy’s and ultimately driving up Wendy’s sales. 


What Kind Of Activities Helped Wendy’s Form Their Brand Identity? : 

Wendy’s has also targeted specific groups like the gamers. Several tweets from McDonalds questioned Wendy’s freshness of their beef. After Wendy’s got bombarded from McDonalds on Twitter, they decided to eliminate any connections to the “frozen beef” reference by  releasing a custom gameplay system named “Feast of Legend” with game company VMLY&R. Inside the game, there are characters who smash freezers, which symbolizes destroying the frozen beef inside freezers. This game was able to disintegrate all linkages of poor quality and freshness.  Those who were unaware of this issue was once again reminded of Wendy’s freshness. 

How Does Wendy’s Social Media Team Work? : 

The Wendy’s wittiness evident in their tweets has always entertained the social media world. There was much curiosity about how Wendy’s operates their social media team. In Forbes magazine, they had an advertising week and interviewed Kurt Kane,the chief concept and marketing officer (CMO) at Wendy’s. During the interview, Kane mentioned there were no certain approval process for social media posts. He said there were several stages to get an approval for a post, but times have changed. However, that does not simply mean that they throw ideas out of blank space; they integrate the company’s advertisement style, staying true to their brand, while staying on top of current issues. Furthermore, Kane mentioned how the team itself tries to collaborate and spend time together in a collective group, which helps them sound like one voice on media platform. Not setting any restrictions and allowing team members to freely shout out ideas is also how they as a team develop and learn from each other. 


In Conclusion : 

In the world where we live in,  media has become part of who we are and how we communicate. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time and effort on social media. Our social media language is always evolving. No one can predict what the next best step for innovative marketing is, but we are sure that companies are willing to think out of the box and take risks when it comes to fulfilling consumer’s desire and needs. 

By : Jiyoon Ro 

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