Humans of AMA – Jeena Bae

Hello AMA! 

My name is Jeena Bae and I am currently a freshman here at the University of Texas at Austin. I love drawing/designing and am excited to showcase and discuss the process of creating some of my art pieces below!

A little bit about myself:

In my spare time, I love creating digital art. I have explored a variety of interesting concepts; they range from innovative designs for Red Riding Hood to astronauts floating in the depths of the dark ocean. Throughout my life, I have been engrossed in the arts as it paved a way to express myself and view the world through a creative lens. Art has allowed me to become the person I am today and I strive to gradually improve in illustrations and graphic design.  

I joined the Content Committee as a means to not only learn marketing skills and see what the major is like but also to expand upon my own artistic abilities and learn new techniques. I believe that by joining this organization, I’ll be able to explore more about the creative side of Marketing and gain a deeper understanding of design in social media, blogs, and web design.

The Process and Concepts behind my Digital Art Pieces:

The link provided above features a handful of digital illustrations and graphic design! I recently created an online portfolio and it’s still in the works, but for now, it houses a few of my original works. 

Ooh, a Jellyfish!: This piece was one of my first illustrations created with Photoshop. The digital hybrid contains a mixture of elements: hand-drawing/watercolor, digital painting, and photography. The astronaut and hands were drawn/painted on paper then scanned, and the backdrop originated from a picture of a jellyfish exhibit. Since the original drawings were drawn on white paper, I had to experiment with inverting colors and balance the intensity to create a “deep ocean” atmosphere. (Fun Fact: the jellyfish was originally bright red!). From then on, I transformed the backdrop and added the motion blur effect on the hands to create the illusion of movement in the piece. 

The context for the Wanderlust Series: The astronaut represents the yearning for adventure and traveling, hence the title “Wanderlust”. He’s characterized by curiosity and wants to experience the world and essentially represents the idea of wanting to find oneself and one’s place in the world. However, the hands are constantly “watching” over him and evidently trying to capture him. They are a recurring theme throughout all of the pieces and serve to represent the emotions and responsibilities that holds one back. In essence, the pieces explore the notion that there is always doubt and guilt that weighs you down. These “thoughts” or “responsibilities” tell you that you can’t have fun; that you can’t enjoy the moment; and never truly disappear even when you try to avoid them. 

Little Red Riding Hood?: In this specific piece, the goal was to create a unique composition where the frame would aid in creating an immersive environment. The outer black framing of the trees serves to provide dimension and draws the eyes to Red Riding Hood. In addition, since Little Red Riding Hood is well known as a children’s story, I scanned texts from a novel to create that story-telling atmosphere and pay tribute to its legacy as a well-known story. 

Graphic Design Project: This past summer, I had the opportunity to design a logo for Priyanka Jaisighani, an aspiring musician. This logo was featured on all social media outlets, and incorporated in the T-shirt design. As the client was going for a “Neon-Pop” style, I accordingly weaved her requests in by accenting the logo with bright turquoise and pink colors. In order for potential fans to recognize her, I drew a simple replica of her side-profile and juxtapositioned it to where her name popped out from her cheek. 


By: Jeena Bae

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