Who is Seekr?

CEO and recent University of Texas graduate Andoni Almeida first dreamed of the idea for his brand new company, Seekr, during his time on his worldwide excursions to India, Mexico, and Vietnam. There were so many travel agencies and tour businesses with the sole purpose of providing unique experiences to tourists coming to their city! However, it was then that Andoni realized that there was not a company focused on creating fun, unique experiences for locals around each city. Locals also wanna have fun right? That’s how the idea of Seekr started. Andoni was going to create experiences cool enough that people would fly across the country for- only he would do it for locals.


What does Seekr do?

Whether it’s a flight over beautiful downtown Austin, a date night with a professional photographer taking pictures of you and your husband on the lake, or painting a mural with a professional graffiti artist, Seekr has got you covered! Just simply go to their website and scroll through the many creative activities that they offer; once you find one you like, you can book that activity for any of their available openings.


What has Seekr pivoted its client base towards?

Andoni realized when Austinites booked experiences, all everyone really wanted was a sense of community- that’s when the idea for creating curated events inside apartment complexes began. He went from door to door of many high end apartment complexes in Austin, such as AMLI, Gables Park, Mueller, and more! He knew he had a great idea and sure enough, events started selling quickly- just after a couple weeks of the birth of the idea. He hadn’t even fully figured out the logistics of each event yet before community managers started booking more. One  community manager would ask for a wine tasting party. Did Andoni have that event ready or even have it at at all? Nope! But Andoni knew with a little hard work and hustle, he would be able to hire a sommelier, figure out logistics for food/drink, and set a price in a timely manner. In this way, a list of well-loved events was created.


Andoni was able to shift the majority of his entire business from a business to consumer model to a business to business model with just a clear understanding of what his consumers wanted. Instead of targeting only a couple Austinites at a time, he was able to target a room of 20, all able to book individual experiences for themselves in the future if they chose to! Seekr had a unique beginning but all in all, they were able to turn just one idea into two successful businesses, both which focus on creating the sense of community for the beautiful city of Austin.


By: Grace Leung


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