Twitter as a Tool!

There’s a high chance that you’ve heard of this company, and if you’ve read this blog post’s title, you already know what company I’m talking about. Yes indeed, I’m talking about Twitter! Twitter is a social networking service that users can use to connect and communicate with each other through posts called “tweets”. Tweets can be liked, “retweeted” (reposted by other users), and shared by other users. While Twitter is most well-known for being used to spread funny and relatable tweets, many business owners and companies should take advantage of it as a tool to promote themselves! How? You may ask. Keep on reading to find out!


Twitter does not have to only be used to share advertisements or images of a company. Instead, business owners and companies should try to tweet out a broader thoughts or questions that will invite their audiences to interact with their original tweet. After all, Twitter is an incredible platform to connect with audiences and bring attention to companies through shares and retweets. Twitter interactions between audiences and customers are often noticed by others, and many times, the interactions can boost a company from having no name to having a big name! Netflix is a great example, with employees giving out Netflix movie and tv show recommendations on Twitters to users who tell them what type of mood the users are feeling (thereby increasing use of Netflix’s service while creating positive customer relationships!)

Get creative!

Other than inviting customer interaction with hypothetical questions or observations, a company could tweet out a video or a humorous tweet. Often, striking tweets are what become popular, and often go viral. Film a heart-warming video or make a humorous infographic (humor is HUGE! Use it!). There are so many ways to capture an audience’s attention with creative ideas that will help your company so much more in the long run than any regular advertisement would.

Stir up some competition!

Because Twitter encourages so much interaction from users, Twitter is a great platform for a company to host a competition. All the company would have to do is require a retweet, share, or like, and what seems to be a fun competition for consumers will quickly become a great tool for a company to gain company visibility. The prize does not even have to be monetary – a company could offer to change their profile picture to a twitter artist’s artwork or pin a tweet from a winning user. The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully reading this blog post has opened your eyes to the many possibilities of using Twitter in a business or company. Yes, Twitter is great for relaxing and having fun, but it can definitely be used in the professional world as well!

By Vanessa Sun



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