Humans of AMA Alumni: Roger Lam

AMA impacts our lives beyond the time we spend in it and our members are aware of this. These are our AMA alumni. From advice, AMA’s influence in their career, to pointers on post grad life, or simply the story of what AMA means to them- Humans of AMA Alumni is a means to spotlight our Alumni and their stories. It is a means to keep this family connected, because once a part of the AMA family, always a part of the AMA family.


Meet Roger

Roger is without a doubt one of the warmest people I have had the pleasure of talking to. Kind and ambitious among many other great qualities, he is also a man with a plan. Roger has worked full time at Frito-Lays for their creative agency and is currently an Associate Product Marketing Manager at the one and only Google (yes you may pause for applause here). However before all this Roger was a member of AMA.

When asked how he first came to join AMA he said:

“I wasn’t a business major actually. I was a history major. I had wanted to be a history teacher in the future but I was in the BDP program and took an entrepreneurship class.

There, I met Hali Medina who later became the president of AMA. She recommended I join. I didn’t give it much thought but I went to an AMA meeting and everyone there was so nice just like her! I was shy and didn’t know anyone but Mitchell came up to me (officer at the time). I thought he was the coolest guy ever and it turned out that everyone in AMA was that way. AMA was really proactive about seeking me out before I even declared a new major”.

Roger came to hold officer positions in AMA’s Professional Development Team, Agency, and Social Media. Yet, the memories of AMA and the impact it had on his life goes far beyond mere roles.


Has AMA helped you in your current career path?

“It has infinitely helped. I mean for me, coming in as someone who was on an education degree plan- it was a fast track to being successful in business. It exposed me to professors and professionals. I met a lot of speakers and some I still call mentors today. It’s a lot easier to go through college with like minded people.

It gave me better public speaker chops and a different way to do business. It gave me a kind of understanding for how marketers speak and being able to explore new passions. It’s just a lot of exposure, marketing is so broad and AMA is giving young students to that- letting them pursue it further with all the things that AMA offers”.

Anything you wish you had done in AMA before graduating?

“I never did a case Competition. Whether it was through National AMA or Bumble- to see students come up with full blown marketing plans was so cool. I do that now, so I wish I had that experience as a student.”

Apart from all the scholarly outlets, networking, and career-building opportunities Roger expressed that one of AMA’s biggest charms was it’s people and the memories he shared with them.

What’s your favorite memory from AMA?

“Last year we did a social on the river for paddle boarding and I fell off and lost my glasses. When we got to the paddle boarding place my friend found that she didn’t have her ID. Kevin (current VP of communications) drove her back to campus to get it and as he was heading into the water on a board, I was coming out and he dropped his phone. I just found it really funny that even though we both lost stuff we still had a great time.”


But Humans of AMA alumni’s purpose is more than just a sharing of stories and advice. As I’ve said before, it is a way to keep the family together. That being said Roger has one last thing to say to AMA’s current members:

“I’m just so proud of you guys. Every time I come, I visit the officer board and you guys are doing so well. It’s so hard for an organization to maintain itself. I feel as if most organizations are as good as the current people running it. But AMA is one of those things where it just keeps getting better. Keep doing what you’re doing.”



By: Jianna Alvarez


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