Texas AMA Tours: Google Headquarters

Never been on a company tour before? As a paid member of AMA, you are provided opportunities to tour companies of all ranges to learn about career options and have networking experiences. On March 1st, AMA members attended a company tour of Google’s Austin headquarters. A group of lucky members were able to experience the innovative work culture of Google, and one member, Julia Garcia ‘22, was able to share her experience.

During the tour, the group participated in an open Q&A, and networking session. Julia said she wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. “There was nothing too abstract, but there were so many different themed rooms, and I was surprised at how spread out and creative the layout was on each floor. I was also surprised they allow dogs to be brought to work and that they have a dog park outside on the 29th floor.”

She also described her fun experience touring as surreal because of the exclusivity of a company like Google. The environment was relaxed and it didn’t feel like the accommodations were too overwhelming. Unfortunately, the Google HQ location in Austin did not have a marketing department yet. Julia recalled, “There wasn’t exactly a marketing workshop there like I had expected to participate in. Time was taken up with the networking panel and google tour only. However, they did explain that senior students wanting to get hired post grad directly into the marketing department may only have the opportunity to do so by applying at the beginning of the school year and getting into Associate Product Marketing Manager Program (AMMP). I thought that was very interesting and great to know just how competitive it is to get your foot through the door with Google, especially if what you’re looking for is a full time position within the marketing department. I feel like that knowledge is very beneficial to me and that other McCombs students who are focused on marketing would be shocked to know how the whole internship and full time hiring process works there.”

When asked about the networking session, she said, “I don’t think the networking session was intimidating at all.” She learned three important lessons from the panel:

1) get as much prior experience as you can through internships in multiple departments within the marketing field

2) Do not ever pass up an opportunity thrown your way

3) Do not ever give up if you’ve found the place you want to be at and are passionate about it.


Elaborating further on her lessons learned, she explains how a few of the workers they talked to wanted to work for Google and be in the marketing department, but didn’t get into the AMM program. Instead, they were offered different positions in other departments, and they all took that offer because Google is where they wanted to be, and they hoped to continue to build up their skills to hopefully land a position in the marketing department in the future.

Although Julia sees herself working in the sports marketing field rather than in a technology company, it is safe to say the Google tour provided valuable insight into career paths and what is available for ambitious students. Company tours offer advantages that paid members are sure to not want to miss out on.


By: Charlotte Pan



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