Humans of Texas AMA – Tommy Ngo

Greeting, Texas AMA!

Our first Humans of AMA spotlight for the 2018 Fall semester is Tommy Ngo!

Tommy is a junior marketing major that lives in Houston, TX. The most important thing you should know about Tommy is his obsession with the K-Pop group Twice. “It’s pretty much my most defining characteristic,” Tommy tells us.

Besides K-Pop, something that also fascinates Tommy is the field of psychology. Just like many of us, his interest in marketing started from psychology. “There’s some overlap between the two in understanding people and their behaviors, so I chose marketing as my major. MKT 337 with Professor Brister was also my favorite class here at UT.” That led us to ask—what brought Tommy to Texas AMA? “Mah boi Kevin Le. He was always talking about AMA and how great it was, so I decided to join this year.” Dang, good job Kevin.

Joining AMA has been fun and exciting for Tommy, but what keeps his adrenaline soaring is his new intermediate volleyball class! “I’m looking forward to hitting some Haikyuu!!level spikes and being the very best like no one ever was.” #animereferences. Additionally, the Molten FLISTATEC volleyball is Tommy’s favorite product in the whole wide world. “I know it has a weird name, but these volleyballs are so much more satisfying to play with.” If there are any volleyball lovers out there, hit Tommy up!

Surprisingly, Tommy’s current favorite memory doesn’t involve volleyball! Instead, it was going on the ABSA San Francisco CFT, “I got to visit cool companies, hang out with friends, and eat lots of food.”  Well, little does Tommy “NGO,” he’s about to also make some pretty awesome memories within AMA!

Lastly, we’ll leave y’all with one of Tommy’s favorite quotes:

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future!”

– Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

By Lisa Ma

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