Humans of AMA – Alexandra Varkarotas

What got you interested in marketing?

The ability to use both sides of my brain. I like to be creative, but also crunch numbers.


What is the title of your autobiography? What would the title be if someone else was writing a biography about you?

I’d probably title it “Ocean Princess,” because I love the ocean.


Best piece of advice someone has ever given you.

Never give up.
What is your favorite product in the whole wide world? Now imagine you are planning a commercial for that product. Which celebrity do you hire to be in the ad?  

I’m addicted to ice cream, so I guess that’s my favorite product. I’d like to see Will Ferrell do an ad for Ben & Jerry’s.


How do you de-stress?

I eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while listening to rock music.


What song do you want to play whenever you walk into a room?

Just the chorus of “Phenomenal” by Eminem!


What is your favorite college memory?

Dressing up and taking a spontaneous trip to the Grand Lux Cafe with my friends.


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