The Importance of the Mobile Site

User experience. Surely you’ve heard the buzzy phrase before.

The majority of communication today is centered around phones and the mobile experience. It is imperative for any businessperson and people, in general, to know how to optimize mobile sites.

Cutting features, specializing content, and enlarging the size of interface elements are a few examples of the kind of tasks one should be aware of when creating mobile sites. The challenge is to create an experience that satisfies the customer’s needs and still provides the full brand voice. This result comes from the intersection of cost, creativity, and data, but is a necessary component of any modern firm moving into the future.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of Google Mobile sites at AMA’s upcoming, two-part event: Google Mobile Sites Certification. Hosted this Thursday, Texas AMA will lead participating members through an opportunity to gain concrete skills in digital marketing. RSVP here and come elevate your next conversation with recruiters about your Google Analytics proficiency.


Written by Reilly Lawrence


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