Humans of AMA – Jack Novak

Reilly: What do you to de-stress, Jack?

Jack: That’s a great question. A lot of times, I work out, play video games or walk. I listen to music. That’s a big one solution for me, especially with my noise canceling headphones.

Rei: If you taught a class at UT, what would be called and what would it cover?

Jack: If I taught a class it would definitely be finance-related, but I wouldn’t want it to be so structured. I would want it to be entrepreneurial and would want my presentations to be super empowering and energetic.

I would want the class to be like a show and have its own element of surprise, things you wouldn’t learn in a class setting. For example, when you buy a domain name, you put your phone number and a ton of people call you. So, you shouldn’t put your phone number. Lifehack. And we would go on company tours and have CEOs come in. It would be a bougie class.

Rei: What song would you want to play when you walk into a room?

Jack: That definitely changes every month just because my tastes change. But, right now, I’m starting to listen to Pitbull again. So, probably Crazy or something very hype and ready to party just because it’s almost Spring Break.

Rei: What’s your dream title before you die and your dream job title before the end of this year?

Jack: I just got a job at American Airlines, so before this year would probably just be a financial analyst position. But, my dream title before I die, I really like it when people say that they’re a board member of an alumni fund or being in charge of Stanford University. Maybe for a nonprofit or a board member for the Art Institute.

I want to do something super unique like that. I want people to think like “oh, how did you get that?”, “what is that?”, and “what do you guys do?” It’s kind of like a secret society. I’m really interested in that. I think that understanding what’s going on behind the curtain is more entertaining to me than actually having the power and the authority.

Rei: What is your favorite college memory and your favorite childhood memory?

Jack: That’s a great question! One of my first childhood memories is when I was in kindergarten. My parents were always late picking me up. I would always be picked up at 7pm if I was supposed to get picked up at 4:30 pm. So, I would always get shuffled into a different classroom, to a different waiting area. This one time, I was walking in between classes I remember there was a fly flying around. I opened my mouth while just watching it and it landed in my mouth. I remember choking and the teacher grabbing me. She held me over a sink and I remember watching the fly go in circles down the drain. I just vividly remember that and that’s when I realized that I’m an actual human being. It was really my first memory ever.

Then, my best college memory would probably be getting into UT. Out of the colleges I applied to, I was getting accepted but I didn’t really want to go to any. They were just state schools and schools that were near me. But, once I got into UT, I was like “I need to go there.” This is the school for me, whereas for my other acceptances weren’t as impactful and empowering as UT.

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