Combining Forces – Beck Media & Marketing Combine PR and Marketing

Do you believe that marketing and public relations are the same things? Do you know the difference between the two?

I didn’t know the difference until I took my first marketing class last year.

Many people tend to use the terms “marketing” and “public relations” interchangeably when in reality, public relations is a subset of marketing. Marketing encompasses a little bit of advertising, personal selling, advertising, and public relations. Marketers use analytics and creativity to find the best ways to promote and sell products and services.

On the other hand, public relations deal directly with the public. Companies do not want the public developing a bad taste in their mouth about their products or services. In fact, businesses rely on public relations specialists to identify points of concern and develop marketing plans with the purpose of developing and maintaining a positive image. Companies can utilize the power of marketing and public relations to attract customers and promote services that align with the public’s attitudes.

Beck Media & Marketing, our speaker this week at AMA’s Tuesday Speaker Event is based in Santa Monica, California and specializes in merging marketing and public relations. It may be a small company, but its client list is nothing short of impressive. With clients including National Geographic, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Twitter, and Netflix, Beck Media & Marketing has found a way to integrate PR with the more traditional roles of marketing to create video content and experiences for entertainment and lifestyle entities.

Public relations may be a subset of marketing, but its importance in combination with creativity and analytics can lead to engaging and powerful content. And this content is what is driving society today, and what will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the future. And Beck Media & Marketing is already a step ahead.


Written by: Alexandra Varkarotas


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