Humans of AMA – Shannon Peifer

Roger: So Shannon, if someone wrote a biography about you, what would it be titled? 

Shannon: I’ve been asked this question before. I didn’t like my answer then. I would make a pun, like “Come on Eileen,” because that’s my middle name. It’s also a family name so it could be very biographical.

R: Cool, do you think if you wrote an autobiography and someone wrote a biography, the titles would be different?

S: Probably. People don’t think of me the same way I think of me.

R: How do you think the biography would be titled?

S: Probably like, “You’re a Weirdo, Shannon Pfeiffer.”

R: I’ll take it. You have three wishes, go.

S: Um, world peace. You have to say that. Second is for my family to be healthy and happy. Third is happiness for myself. 

R: You’re a new addition to a crayon box, what color would you be?

S: I really like the like mahogany brown, like my boots and my hair. I don’t know why, but that’s always been one of my favorite colors. It’s a very rich brown.

R: Do you have a favorite brand mascot?

S: I really like the Pillsbury Doughboy cause he’s so poofy.

R: Does he have a catchphrase?

S: “I’m doughy.”

R: “I’m doughy”? Does he actually say that?

S: No.

R: Is there a specific brand that is really deep in your memory? Like I always have Legos in my memory cause I played Legos with my brothers all the time. Do you have some specific one in your head?

S: Um, I guess I eat cereals a lot. So the cereals ones, whenever people talk about branding, those ones come to mind really easily. Cause like as a kid, that’s what I would see every morning. And I lived overseas, so we had like shipments of food sent over and I loved Cheerios–or no, I loved Lucky Charms–and I’d run out of Luck Charms like halfway through the year and have to switch over to Cheerios, so it was always a sad day.

R: Do you have a most memorable commercial?

S: Most memorable commercial? I always–I would think of the Geico commercials. They’re pretty memorable.

R: Okay.

S: But I don’t think I have –

R: As in the concept of the whole “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance”?

S: I mean, that’s really catchy. But then they just recently do really shocking ones that you just remember. Like the guy in the street… I guess they’re not really memorable.

R: Yeah, it’s a memorable slogan.

S: But they just do really weird things in their commercials that just kinda shock you. I can’t think of an example.

R: Sure.

S: But, you know, scratch all that. Recently there was one for Christmas and it was like, um, about going to Target to pick up your gifts and it was all men and then there was like one woman that went to pick up their gift. I just thought it was hilarious and it was just very accurate cause my dad went and picked up my gift from Target….It might be Walmart actually. Look it up, fact check me! But I went to Target, but that could be a problem for them if you just think they’re interchangeable in your mind.

R: What is your dream job if you don’t have to worry about money?

S: I would make movie soundtracks. I make tons of playlists on Spotify. It just takes me forever to scroll back through them, but it’s really nice cause you go back to a certain time. I make a new Spotify playlist every month, and I’ve been doing that since high school.

R: Wait, so do you have like a great amount of like music knowledge?

S: I am a self-taught music knowledger, so I don’t think I actually know anything about music. I just really enjoy it. I mean, I hope I have good taste in music. I listen to a ton of music. I listen to a ton of music and I can tell my music taste has changed over time. And there are certain things that used to be great to me that I don’t really identify with anymore. 

R: So, the dream job is curating the playlists for movies, not like creating the original soundtrack?

S: No, I’m not a musician.

R: Got it! Thanks Shannon!


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