Humans of AMA – Shayla Nguyen

Roger: Shayla, what got you into marketing?

Shayla: I always wanted to be in marketing, especially back in middle school because … like in elementary school, have you ever had that time when you’re in the principal’s office and you do the pledge of allegiance?

R: Wait, what? Describe that more.

S: In elementary school, we would go up to the principal’s office, grab the speakerphone and do the pledge of allegiance. Then after that, the principal made us say what we wanted to do when we grew up. So I said, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer!”  Then middle school came and that’s when you have to apply to a magnet school and one of the things you could do is business. Well, I didn’t get in so I was like, “Well I can’t be a fashion designer so I have to be a marketer. Because being a marketer and in fashion is the same thing, right?” And so I thought that would be cool and marketing sounded fun.

So when I got to high school I experienced what marketing is. I remember my freshman year I did an entrepreneur competition and I was literally going against 72 people, all different classes, like UTD. It was nerve-wracking because the idea was to come up with your own business idea and a way to promote it. So I did a bunch of plans and gave out so many cupcakes and stuff— because my idea was a bakery. I made posters for it and videos, then had to speak in front of like 300 people. I made it to third place, but that got me into the first realm of marketing and promoting, which I really liked. So my senior year I was like, “I’m going to go to UT for Marketing. That sounds fun.” And that’s how I got into marketing. Because I thought it was fashion design.

R: Okay! Who’s your favorite brand mascot and why? Like Ronald McDonald or the cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs bird.

S: I don’t think I do, but you know the Kool-Aid guy? I’ve never really thought about it, but now I am and I always see him everywhere, tv shows and all that stuff. I think that’s a really cool brand because it’s just out and about and so surprising. I really think that it’s cool that it’s diverse, especially in this age. It helps with the demographics, which I really like.

R: What’s your favorite Instagram …

S: I don’t have an Instagram!

R: Really? You also don’t have a profile picture on Facebook! Why is that?

S: I don’t like putting pictures up anymore. I used to be a person who loves social media and does all this and that, but it’s very distracting so I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.

R: So what is your favorite social media platform?

S: I use Tumblr and Pinterest a lot.

R: Pinterest is about boards right? What’s your favorite board to follow? How does that work, I don’t even know.

S: Really? You just go and look at something that you want to be inspired by and within those boards, there’s a bunch of photos and pins. They have a lot of DIYs and stuff! If you like something, you follow the board or follow the person. I pretty much follow things that I like in particular, like beauty and stuff, because, you know, I’m such a girl. But I usually use Tumblr a lot because it inspires me, especially since I like steady blurs, so I look at that all the time.

R: Cool! What’s your favorite UT memory so far?

S: I wish I knew, there’s a lot, to be honest. But for now … I don’t know. I don’t think there is one.

R: Okay! What is your favorite AMA event that made you want to become an officer or realize that you love the org?

S: I don’t know. There’s a lot, to be honest, but I think the one that inspired me was during the officer event where we learn about applying. I wanted to be in Comm just because I wanted to be more involved in AMA, but once I got there and heard about all the opportunities I was just like, “Oh man, I need to grab one. I really want one” What really stood out was the graphic design which just sounded like so much fun. I wanted to do something that I’ve never done before. I had done it, but it wasn’t that high quality or anything.

R: Cool! The last question is: what is the most memorable tv commercial that you’ve ever seen? Like you can still remember the brand, the story, what it was selling, everything.

S: The one with the whale. The one in New York City. When we went to that company …

R: R/GA?

S: Yeah! I saw it back then too.

R: Cool! Thanks for answering all my questions, Shayla!

S: Anytime!


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