Snapchat: Using Its Data to Help Brands

What’s Going On?

Everyone knows about the growing rivalry between Facebook Inc. and Snapchat. Facebook has been copying Snapchat’s features, most recently with Instagram Stories and now Snapchat is taking a page out of Facebook’s business playbook: Snapchat is rolling out its own version of online-to-offline measurement and adding more ways for marketers to send people from Snapchat to their stores. They’re helping brands out by giving them data on how many visitors its ads send to brick-and-mortar locations which could potentially help them generate new ways to drive foot traffic.

How it Works

Some of the first brands to test out Snapchat’s Snap to Store new measurement tool were 7-Eleven, Paramount Pictures, and Wendy’s. Snapchat tracked the number of people who used their app at a brand’s physical location and then checked to see how many of those customers had seen an ad on the app.

The catch: Snapchat can only tell if someone visited a brand’s location if that person uses Snapchat at that location. For example, if the person opens Snapchat while standing in line or to snap a quick pic while at the location. Don’t worry, they’re not tracking people’s location when the app is running in the background.

This shows advertisers the amount of people that visited their location who had seen the brand’s ad on Snapchat, as well as the amount of visitors who did not see the ad but use Snapchat. Marketers can use the Snap to Store measurement to see how many visitors its ad may have attracted by comparing the group that saw a brand’s ad on Snapchat with the group that did not and break down these visitors by gender, age groups, state, region and ad type. Sometime soon, Snapchat will also break down these visitors by their Snap Lifestyle Categories, like “gamers,” “football fans”, etc.

Snapchat’s measurement tool only tracks the most recent 7-day window, but the dashboard also includes a chart plotting the first time people visit a location and this uses a 28-day window. Additionally, advertisers can’t see Snap to Store measurements for individual locations because of privacy reasons. In addition to giving brands a better look at how their ads on Snapchat translate into foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations, Snapchat is rolling out new targeting options to push people into their stores.


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