Rolling in Money with Inbound Sales

“My name is ___ and I am certified in HubSpot Sales Software. Hire me.” If you attended our HubSpot Sales Software Workshop earlier this semester, you may be tempted to introduce yourself to recruiters this way. Being certified sure makes you hot stuff, but if you say that, you’re ignoring the core of the inbound sales process that we discussed at the workshop. Remember, you need to know your customer (the recruiter) and tailor your message according to their needs in order to close the sale (get the job).

If you’ve got some spare time this summer in between your internship, summer classes, or solo Netflix dates (no shame), consider taking the HubSpot Inbound Sales course. It elaborates on the sales process itself rather than the software and is another great certificate to add to your list of things to brag about. Here’s a crash course on the four-step inbound sales methodology to get the ball rolling:

  1. Identify

Back in the olden days, salespeople knew what their ideal customer looked like, but they didn’t know who was actually active in the buying journey. They just started cold-calling people that shared characteristics with their buyer persona. However, the salesperson of the 21st century can look at clues to identify these active buyers such as by stalking blogs, LinkedIn groups, and thought leaders that these sort of people would follow.

  1. Connect

Cold emails, voicemails, and generic elevator pitches are outdated. Lead with a message personalized to the buyer’s context. Develop trust by demonstrating a genuine interest in helping. You’ll actually need to do some homework to identify what they need help with before you pick up the phone.

  1. Explore

Traditionally, salespeople went into presentation mode as soon as a buyer expressed interest. “This is the same PowerPoint we show every other customer because you are just like every potential customer” is what they implied. However, as an inbound sales master, you want to make your new BFF feel special. Go into exploratory mode to uncover deeper buyer goals and further develop trust.

  1. Advise

Time to close the sale. You already know everything about your buyer: his mother’s favorite chocolate brand, the password to his Tinder account, his go-to Starbucks order, and most importantly, what he needs and exactly how your product or service can do the job. Tailor your presentation accordingly and seal the deal.

The course will delve deeper into how exactly to execute each step, so head to, pass the one-hour exam, and get your certificate. You can also explore other HubSpot certificates such as email and content marketing at


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