Video Game Analytics: Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

According to the 2016 Gamer Demographics, there is an average of 1.7 gamers in each game-playing U.S. household.  You would think that the target audience would be teenagers but surprisingly, the average game player age is 35 years old!

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There’s two reasons behind the shift from traditionally targeting teenagers to targeting adults:

  1. Before, gamers would give up playing video games
    because they had responsibilities to fulfill, but now playing is a means of stress relief
  2. The role of smartphones has changed the entire video gaming industry because gaming apps like Candy Crush and Temple Run are free to play, increasing  the industry’s popularity

Free-to-play games may be successful but it doesn’t provide substantial revenue for developers. It’s reported that only 0.6-6.0% of those playing games being charged for additional content actually pay for it. Although this group is important, it’s causing manufacturers to continue paying for support and server issues.

Getting consumers to pay for additional content is the main issue that video gaming apps are trying to solve. Through real-time analytics, companies can strengthen their relationship with customers. By analyzing customer engagement and individual interactions, developers can target ads optimally.


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