A Brief Guide to Branding and Beauty with L’Oreal

The Power of L’Oreal

How L’Oreal has maintained its “top dog” status:

With all of these beauty brands coming and going, L’Oreal has not only managed to stay the No.1 beauty brand in the world, but also is the largest company in the personal care industry. L’Oreal has honed in on their 4 P’s Marketing Mix which has allowed L’Oreal to maintain their high-status brand name over the years.


The Power of Beauty Influencers

L’Oreal’s newest five-strong beauty squad:

Over the years, we have all been aware of how social media influencers have impacted our day-to-day lives. L’Oreal has caught on to this and has made a push to create a *~ Beauty Squad ~* of five diverse YouTubers. Read this article to learn more about how their new squad has helped them reach new audiences and how to go about creating new products.

The Future of Beauty with Technology

L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator:

L’Oreal is now setting up a Technology Incubator to invent new products and change the beauty industry. Teamed up with 26 talented people, the incubator will target customers’ needs and offer best advice for great hair. Read this article to know more about L’Oreal’s mission and the latest invention – the world’s first smart brush.

The King of Search Data

How L’Oreal use search to drive growth:

What is the key to generate revenue and grab audience’s attention? Data! L’Oreal is spending tons of time on search data and discover style trends and customer needs. Why L’Oreal is digging data of style influencers’ videos when other brands simply use search to increase sales? Read the event report at the 2017 Digital Summit Phoenix to find the reason.


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