Work Attire Progression from 1940s to the 2000s

Let’s travel back in time and remember all those spunky trends and work attires that got you saying, “OH MY GOSH!”


Even during the World War II, women still managed to dress from simple to elegant. As women were working in the factories.  Women had limited materials to work with, but this did NOT stop women from drab to fab! Limited material = skirts and jackets = feminine edge. Style consisted knee-length skirts and blouses, trousers, dresses, peplum and full skirts remained as slayed outfits. 


FROM THE 1940s TO THE 1950s

The country emerged from war to the work styled life or the stay at home wife. The 50s were the time when women wore proper elegant dresses or skirts at home or work. Sometime when women want to feel comfortable they would wear trousers. Not to mention, gloves, hats, girdles (ouch) and pencil skirts. It was filled with youthfulness and femininity~



The 1960s attire were mainly A-lined shifted dresses, knee-length skirts, and simple blouses. For elegant suit sets, it’s usually pastel colors that were often paired with a vest, short boxy jackets or a full-length coats. Footwear was basically low-heeled sandals and heeled pumps. If you’re feeling good, why not wear swing coats or wear fake fur as well?


for sure 60s (1)


Finally the time for women to show off their sexiness! Instead of looking boxy, it was time to show off those curves. Back in the 70s, there was fitted blazers, wrapped dresses, trench coats, silk scarves and tie-neck blouses! 


HELLO 1980s!

As many women were increasing in the work force, it was time for women to shine and show off their mucho strength or so called “power dress.” To show Women = Men, it was all in the shoulder, shoulder. Yes, the shoulder. Those shoulder pads were the style of power.   



Remember when the hot trends were shoulder pads? Well, they were the thing of the past for the 1990s.  From shoulder pads to the short short skirts. Not only skirts but necklines began to plunge. The best fabric were Lycra and cashmere lugged curves. To make business look sexy, the trend was a short ,sleeveless, boat neck shift dress with a matching length jacket. Cute, isn’t it?



Nowadays workplaces allows employees to wear almost anything to feel comfortable. Business attire become more relaxed and flattering. The main thing that is a staple in classical business attire are a well-tailored suit. It is basically a pencil-skirt with a elegant blouse. Sometimes, the dress codes consist of casual jeans or khakis but there are restriction to the dress codes. Let’s just stay comfortable and relaxed in our normal business dress codes. 

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