5 Things Marketing Students Should Do On Their Summer Break

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a relaxing summer break either enjoying time with family, going on vacation or working on an internship! Even though school is out, we can all constantly strive to be better, so here are five things you could be doing over summer break to better prepare yourself for the future:


Work on your portfolio:

Summer is the perfect time to to craft out the perfect portfolio. Think of this as an enhanced resume where you have a lot of creative control. Definitely use this as a platform to show off all your skills, hobbies, and interests!


Learn a new skill:

Summer provides a lot of down time, so it would be useful to use some of that time to learn something you always wanted to! It doesn’t have to do with marketing or academics, it could be anything that you want!


Clean out your social media:

It’s not secret that employers look at your social media, so definitely go through all your social media accounts and make sure they are an accurate representation of who you are and that you are okay with the content you have posted.


Update your LinkedIn:

We all can get a bit lazy when it comes to LinkedIn, but summer is the perfect opportunity to clean it up, make sure all the information is up to date, add some professional new pictures and gain new connections! This is probably one of the most visited sites by potential employers, so don’t neglect it.


Stay up to date with the marketing world:

During the school year it can be tough to stay up to date with what a lot of companies and prominent marketers are doing, but summer provides you with the time to see what actions and strategies good marketing firms take on. Use this an opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of already established companies.

Article by Aditya Ali 

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