AMA Keynote Speaker: Russ Klein, CEO of AMA

On April 21st, UT AMA had the pleasure of hosting the CEO of National AMA, Russ Klein. Russ is a marketing genius who has served as CEO of several powerful brands including Burger King, Dr. Pepper, 7Up and Arby’s.

Russ began by posing a question “What makes great advertising?” He explained that though this initially may sound like a subjective question, research today enables “effective” advertising to be defined. With this in mind, Russ shared how he sought out to find the common denominator in “effective” ad campaigns. What he discovered is that great advertisements are born when a force of tension is at work.

Russ took this principal and ran with it. The successes of the brands he used this strategy on such as Gatorade and Burger King truly prove that tension is crucial to receiving the maximum response from target audiences.

You can read more about Russ’ study on this marketing phenomenon in his blog post on the National AMA blog.

Article by Erin M.


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