The Key To Marketing is Passion


In describing Marketing, we tend to hear the phrases and terms such as creative, data-driven, innovative, target consumers, etc. However, I firmly believe the key to marketing is something that our society tends to overlook- passion. Passion is what has led the most successful companies to their marketing victories.

Let’s take Nike for example. Nike primarily sells tennis shoes, but do you usually see commercials about how Nike shoes have better laces and more cushion in the soles? No. Instead, the commercials and advertisements for marketing primarily focus on the success of athletes and in honoring them. By focusing on the individual, the athlete, and not on the specific product itself, Nike has succeeding in creating a lifestyle and connection with almost every “athlete” known to man. This all stems from passion. The passion for athletics is what Nike strives to convey through the numerous Nike training clubs they hold across the globe, through their sponsorship just about every major sports team, and the list goes on. What we as marketers can learn from Nike is that we need to focus less on promoting the product and more on promoting the atmosphere and passion that drives the product.

Article by Aly W.

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