How to Build Your Own Inspirational Board


Being college students we are always caught up in the hustle and bustle of school life, focusing on getting everyday tasks fulfilled,
that sometimes we forget about our overall goals. An inspirational Board is a creative visual way to be constantly reminded of the future and what it is that we truly are looking for and want. This way, we can always have a brief glance of what we want our overall picture to look like. It can also serve as a guide at times when needing to make decisions and give uplifting advice.   That’s why you should build your own Inspirational Board, here’s how to start and build one.

Your Inspirational Board can be as specific or as general as you want. The board can be focused primarily on goals for your Marketing career or maybe what your goals are for the next 10 years in your life.

You want to collect any magazine, newspaper article, or maybe even posters/flyers that you have. (If you don’t have any, there are several newspapers, flyer, etc. that you can obtain on campus for free)

Have arts and crafts! You can use anything you want here. Any variety of color, marker, stencil, or stickers to decorate your board is great. But, you want to make sure you at least have a white poster board.

 Cut and Paste. Look through all your material and pick out what most sticks out to you. Something that actually says something to you and that you’re drawn to. Then you can just Cut and Paste anywhere. The board isn’t meant to be organized, so make the most out of your space!

Hang it up. Once your board is done, hang it up somewhere in your room. This way you’ll always be able to see it and get some inspiration and motivation on working towards your future goals.

Article by Marisol R.


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